The Politics of Shelter


Our first zine, The Politics of Shelter, is now available online in our Etsy store!


What are the politics of shelter? How do we collectively reimagine a desirable shelter where there is room for everyone, where everyone can live? The poems in this anthology explore the complicated notion of "shelter."

This handmade poetry chapbook features poetry by Adra Raine, Amy Barone, Angie Trudell Vasquez, Carmen Alicia Murguia, Cesar Segovia, Chazz Chitwood, Corey Ginsberg, Ed Werstein, Elisa Albo, Franklin K.R. Cline, Ismael Santos, Judah Fajardo, Kacee Belcher, Margaret Rozga, Michael Trammell, Michelle Brule, Pat Raia, Rachel Parsons, Risa Denenberg, Sravani Singampalli, SunShine Ramel, Susanna Lang, and a foreword by editors Freesia McKee and Jade Kastel.

Pick up your copy today!


CC Image courtesy of renee_mcgurk on Flickr.

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